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“Deena's upbeat supportive personality along with her ingenious technique turns what could be a stressful situation, into fun.”
­- Sheri Schlesinger


“When Deena started working with my daughter she was timid and unsure of her delivery. Deena's guidance and direction gave Ariela tremendous confidence." 

- Sarah Weintraub


“Deena Brandes spent long, patient hours coaching my children for their bar/bat mitzvah speeches. They were so comfortable with Deena, due to her warmth and genuine friendliness. And she is a master of her craft, able to help 12 or 13-year-old kids project to the audience, moderate their tone, pace themselves, and be confident. In short, Deena gave them a voice and taught them how to make themselves be heard. 

- Yael Weil


“Deena Brandes has been enormously helpful in giving me the skills to connect with my audience in various speaking situations. Whether addressing guests at my daughter's Bat Mitzvah, delivering a commencement speech at UCLA, or speaking to a group of delegates at a political function in Washington, D.C. Deena's easy to learn method has allowed me to become more of an engaging speaker in any situation. Her positive attitude and user-friendly tips in addition to the effectiveness of her technique give her my highest recommendation." 

- Alisa Abecassis 


Deena gave my daughter the tools to give the d’var Torah of a lifetime on her bat mitzvah in front of 350 people. Deena was a pleasure to work with. She really connected with my daughter and in just a few hours was able to teach her so many tools to shine on her special day.”

- Iris Orbuck 

“Within 2 hours, Deena magically changed my son, who couldn't get his face out of his speech, into a confident public speaker." 

- Debbie Oler M.D. 


"Deena, thank you so much for working with Jael on her presentation. She was fabulous and your time and expertise made all the difference."

- Rabbi Michelle Missaghieh


"The one check I enjoyed writing was to Deena for having worked magic with my son on his Bar Mitzvah."

- Avishay Harrari


“From the experience with my children as well as others, I know that children gain a tremendous amount from meeting with Deena Brandes. In just a couple of sessions, Deena’s effective teaching approach, patience and boundless positive energy give the child or adult the skills and confidence to shine as a public speaker. Whether your child is naturally shy or already comfortable speaking publicly, I strongly recommend Deena. Your child will become more relaxed, learn a lot and have fun while doing so."

- Rabbi Kalman Topp, Beth Jacob Congregation of Beverly Hills


“My kids have both blossomed under Deena's amazing, nurturing, creative guidance. As an accomplished professional actress, Deena brings her highly respected and formidable knowledge of the craft to her teaching. Her love of children, Hashem and Israel give her breadth of abilities a unique value to the Jewish community. Would that we could clone her for camps and schools everywhere! I give Deena's acting workshops four stars of David!”

- David Weiss, parent and writer: Shrek 2, The Rugrats Movie, Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius


“Deena is a gifted actress and a consummate teacher. I am honored to recommend her in both capacities to anyone. "
- Rob Minkoff, director: Lion King, Stuart Little, Haunted Mansion


“Not only would I highly recommend Deena to everyone, my kids would too.”

- Marcia Nimmer


 “I feel so lucky to have been referred to Deena. As a recent college graduate trying to enter a tough job market, I was looking to improve my public speaking skills as I had to prepare extensive presentations for my job interviews.  Deena helped me gain confidence and the skills I needed to succeed in my interview presentations.  She is incredibly warm, engaging, dynamic, and an expert on presentation performance and public speaking.  She made public speaking fun and she gave me tips and techniques to enhance my presentation style. I was fortunate to receive a great job offer and Deena helped me get to where I am today. I still hear her encouraging voice in my head before my presentations and I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

- Sarah R., College Admissions Counselor, NYC


”Deena is not only able to give speakers, young and old alike, the tools and technique to achieve a professional and effective presentation, but by her warm, engaging, and contagious passion, fill them with enthusiasm and confidence.  If anyone in our family needs to make an important presentation, Deena will always be a critical part of the preparation.”

- Manette Cogan

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