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About Deena
Deena Brandes transforms non-speakers into speakers and speakers into extraordinary speakers!


Deena is Los Angeles-based but Skypes all over the world. Deena’s unique technique and warm personality help kids and adults learn how to break down speeches, speak from the heart, project past the fifth row, and have a good time doing it.

Using the skills she has learned as a successful professional actress and voice-over performer, Deena has developed her own techniques that help her students make contact with their audience helping them overcome anxiety and fear.


Graduates are able to deliver their speeches with confidence and poise in their own unique styles. The skills learned and the confidence gained, continue through high school years, college interviews and beyond.


“Within 2 hours, Deena magically changed my son, who couldn’t get his face out of his speech, into a confident public speaker.”

- Debbie Oles M.D.

Deena's acting career over the years

Bar/Bat Mitzvah


"Deena is an outstanding speech coach.  She helped our son deliver a masterful Bar Mitzvah address.  She connected well with Sam and instilled in him a sense of confidence.  I am so pleased he learned important public speaking skills that will be with him for the rest of his life.

Karen Graber


Comes the Bar or Bat Mitzvah and parents tend to spend an enormous amount of time and money on the reception. Yet the spotlight moment for the child is their speech.  Let Deena work her magic while you attend to the planning.  Parents have discovered that the lessons learned with Deena, stay with the children forever...  It's the gift that keeps giving.







High School/College

“When Deena started working with my daughter she was timid and unsure of her delivery. Deena's guidance and direction gave Ariela tremendous confidence.”

- Sarah Weintraub


Deena has helped countless kids excel in Model Congress, Model UN, valedictorian speeches and more.


“I worked with Deena Brandes on a critical televised presentation.  Her feedback was spot-on.  She is a great listener.  Her coaching was invaluable.  I highly recommend Deena as a resource to professionals and organizations in need of presentation support.”

- Harry Nelson, Founder, Nelson Hardiman LLP

“Deena, your work with me was invaluable.  I came to you filled with nervousness about presenting in front of a large audience in the medical field,  In a short period, you had me confident and relaxed,  Your techniques have stayed with me.  I couldn't have asked for more.  Many, many thanks.”

- Dalia Dvoretsky, Medical Liason for Roche Health Solutions, Inc.


Working with Deena is a fun experience. Her warmth, humor and supportive personality create an environment that allows you to overcome anxiety and fear. The techniques that you learn with Deena become enormously useful throughout your personal and professional life.

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